Leaders in Turbochargers

After 20 years dealing in the distribution of turbochargers from Brazil, Zeki started its operations in USA in 1998 as an export distributor and logistics operator.

In 2004 it was decided to start the production of our own products to cover certain niches that were no longer of interest of the OEM turbo manufacturers.

We Are Experienced

Our team of engineers and technicians developed a line of product with the selection of high quality suppliers worldwide.

Certified Products

The quality of the products we offer leads the company to a continuous and strong growth year after year.

Fast Shipping

To assure to our customers a fast delivery, we keep a substantial inventory of products, inspected and ready to go.

In 2006, Zeki Turbo started its commercial operation selling repair kits. Today we offer a comprehensive line of products including turbos, cartridges, repair kits and components.