Yesterday, I bought my copy of Pokemon Black 2 and thought of all the fun I experienced, especially trading and fighting online. It made me think, “Is it possible for Pokemon Black 2 to be played online in 2021?”

You’re probably aware of this if you used to play Nintendo DS online games like Mario Kart, or Pokemon.

It might seem impossible but it didn’t stop my Google search. When I did a search for “Playing Pokemon Black 2 online in 2021” The first result that appeared was a Reddit thread on how to get around the Nintendo WFC shutdown.

Simply go to the Nintendo DS Connection Settings and change the DNS. Although it seemed too easy and straightforward to believe, it actually worked when I tried it. I was able to trade Pokemon with the GTS, and even fight against people on the internet. It took some time to find the most suitable person.Read here pokemon black 2 ds roms At our site It is also possible to use this method to gain access to rare events Pokemon.

I am glad to see that there are people with a brain who can come up with a solution for what seems impossible at first. It’s still difficult to find someone online as there aren’t many people who know about this. I truly hope that this information gets out there more widely, so that we will create an online community for Pokemon 4thand 5th generation games again!

As you will see, there’s the option of playing Pokemon Black 2 Online 2021. Get the word out!

P.S. P.S.?This doesn’t seem work with the majority of Pokemon Nintendo DS video games. But, I am able to browse the internet using Black 2 and Heart Gold but not with Pearl or Platinum